Misano (I) (06/27/23 - 06/28/23)

Event:   Misano (I) 06/27/23 - 06/28/23
Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli
2 day course -Tue / Wed - Open for all motorcycle brands!
Level *:   Level

Bike rental *:   Bike rental (you need a valid drivers license for motorbikes)
Excess *:   Decreaseable to a minimum of € 2500, -
Tyre options *:   Select the tyres for your rented BMW (per set mounted)
Lunch *:   Lunch number of persons
Riding gear *:   Do you require Rental Gear?
Flexible booking *:   This option is only bookable upfront. In case of unforeseen hindrance
SBK Package *:   SBK Package *mandatory with slick tyres!
Pitbox *:   Select "None" if you have the SBK package
Last question *:   How did you find us?

Do you dream of getting your knee down? Like any technical sport all it takes is some mastery of the technique – it’s something that can be taught to anyone.
Track training by Troy Corser. At the Racing School Europe we have courses designed to quickly accelerate your riding ability so that in a few days to you can reach a level that was unthinkable before. This professional training program is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders and even up to race level. We tailor the program to your skill level so even if you have never ridden on a racetrack before you will feel at home at the RSE. Age and experience are irrelevant.
The training course consists of a full day of sessions which alternate between theory and practice. On average you will get five practical sessions per day riding on track, each lasting about 20 minutes of riding under the guidance of an instructor. After each session video and lap times are used to assist evaluation and analysis during debriefing.
Each student is individually assessed by their instructor against their personal learning plan which focuses on the most relevant aspects of racing technique for each individual.
Between sessions you will receive instruction on the ins and outs of racing technology. This includes mental aspects ("flow"), body position (hanging off), trail braking technique, technique for braking into corners and hitting the apex, tension and pressure on the bars, knee-tank relationship, footrest pressure, throttle control at entry and exit of corners, head position in corners, corner entry and exit technique and much more.
Over a three day course this approach nets you hundreds of intelligent circuit miles. One thing all courses have in common is personal attention as groups consist of up to 3 people. It is even possible to receive 1-1 instruction if necessary. Our instructors are experienced riders, trained in the transfer of knowledge and will tailor instruction to your riding level.
Fly in and Ride package incl. the new BMW S 1000 RR
As an official BMW Motorrad partner, RSE exclusively offer the opportunity to learn on the BMW S1000 RR. Starting for just € 379.- * per training day! Just show up to the event and RSE will have your bike and equipment ready to go! You can improve your skills while riding this fantastic motorcycle. This cost includes tires, fuel, fueling service,replacement brake pads, tire mounting, mechanical support, motorcycle transport to and from the venue, insurance for damage (excess € 4500,- or € 2500,- ).
* This fee is in addition to the course entry fee, price may vary on the model of choice.
More information about our school and our events:

Test the BMW S 1000 RR !

As the official partner of the BMW Motorrad factory in Münich, we exclusively offer the opportunity to learn on the BMW S1000 RR. Starting from € 379.- * per training day you can improve your skills while riding this fantastic motorcycle. This cost includes tires for dry and wet track surface, fuel and tank service, replacement brake pads, tire mounting, mechanical support, motorcycle transport to and from the venue.

Do you meet the following criteria? 
  •  age 18 or older with a valid driver's license endorsed for motorcycles
  • must have experience on motorcycles appropriate for the bike you wish to demo
  • no serious moving violations on your current record while riding motorcycles
  • fit to ride with appropriate rider clothing (Racing School Europe can provide leather overall rentals, standard sizes)
Motorcycles are insured with a basic insurance, excess of EUR 4.500 with the option to lower the deposit in 2 steps with a mimimum excess of € 2500,-
Deposit: 4.500,- or 2.500,- euros in cash or credit card deposit on arrival at the event.

The vehicles will be handed over in working order. Any damage (except normal wear) arising on the vehicles by the use during the rental period, shall be borne by the tenant. For this purpose, the security deposit (cash) is used first. But they will only pay the damage incurred; the damage is less than the bond amount, the difference will be paid back. If the damage is more than the bond amount you will only be charged the maximum of the deposit.

Flexible Booking
We offer the option to make a flexible booking.
* Only to be booked directly when booking your training
This option will enable flexible booking in case of cancellation (within 14 days prior to the event) on one of the following grounds:

1.    Death, Serious illness, serious accident, or pregnancy of the insured person or of a ‘risk’ person. ‘Risk’ persons are minors or first-degree relatives who require nursing care.
2.    Damage to property (vehicle) of the insured person due to fire, natural disasters, serious accidents or criminal acts (such as burglary).
3.    Loss of permanent employment of the insured person due to an unexpected business-related termination of the employment contract by the employer.
4.    Commencing work under an employment contract, provided that the policyholder was registered as unemployed at the time of booking.
5.    Unexpected call on the policyholder to serve in the army, insofar as the same cannot be postponed, and the cancellation costs will not be reimbursed by another cost centre.
6.    Retaking of exams at a school or university in which the policyholder was not previously successful, wherein a failure to retake the exam would result in an extension of the course of study.

* This flexible booking only covers the cost of the training and the motorbike rental that have been made directly with RSE. Caution! It does not cover any travel and accommodation costs that you may incur. You must recover those under your personal travel insurance.
A flexible booking can protect you against the financial consequences of cancellation.

Flexible booking cancellation policy

⦁    In case of cancellation by the participant within 14 days prior to the event 100% of the total payment will be kept as a credit on your account and you will be able to join a training on a different event and racetrack.

In order to claim on the basis of any of the aforesaid grounds for cancellation, the policyholder shall notify the cancellation within three days after the ground for the same arises. Such notification shall be sent in writing, with a statement of reasons by email to info@racing-school-europe.com. Failure to meet the requirement shall exempt Racing School Europe from facilitating a replacement training and bike rent.

Terms and conditions
1.    Participation in training is at your own risk. The entrant waives any claim for liability of Racing School Europe, the instructors and other employees, the circuit and the other participants, for any damages whatsoever including consequential damage and personal injury. 
2.    Racing School Europe, its instructors and other employees, and the circuit are compared with the participants, those participants accompanied and other visitors as well as their heirs and / or their assigns and / or other third parties are not liable for any personal and / or material and consequential damages of any kind or extent whatsoever, during the stay on the circuit in which Racing School Europe organizes trainings and during or resulting from participation in this training or any other by Racing School Europe organized activity is Racing School Europe incurred, regardless of the cause, except for intentional and gross negligence, and - if and insofar as insurable - the maximum insurable amount. 
3.    The participant is required to have adequate liability/health insurance, tailored to the risks that participation in training entails. 
4.    The participant declares that he/she knows that following circuit training, even though much care and safety requirements are observed by the organizer, entails increased risk. 
5.    The participant declares that he/she agrees to the above, and that he / she is all by him / her damage to property outside the orbit of Racing School Europe, its instructors and employees, and on the circuit and the people working there will reimburse. 
6.    The participant is familiar with the applicable noise restrictions on track, when crossing that exclusion from the race training takes place without any compensation on the part of Racing School Europe.
7.    Entrant agrees with published images of him / her to be made for promotional purposes of Racing School Europe, instructional materials, etc. 
8.    Racing School Europe reserves the right in cases of force majeure, such as severe weather conditions and safety of the race courses or parts thereof to expenses without any financial compensation and refund of course fees occurs. Racing School Europe is not liable for the condition of the track or facilities. 
9.    The participant is familiar with the obligations concerning the wearing of protective clothing, including a piece or two-piece leather overalls, helmet, leather gloves and boots and a CE approved back protector. The participant is aware of the meaning of applicable flag signals and the clues that it entails and the directions and instructions of the instructors and other staff of Racing School Europe and will follow on pain of exclusion from further participation in the race course without any refund of course fees or compensation for damages by Racing School Europe. 
10.    The participant is responsible for the by Racing School Europe issued transponder and transponder holder. The participant is fully responsible for the cost of repair or replacement in the case of damage or loss is a participant. (375,-)
Making a Booking
The agreement (registration) is achieved by accepting the participant of the offer of Racing School Europe. In other words: you sign up for a course, which in general will be done via the website.
After the registration you will receive confirmation in the form of an e-mail. The registration may be revoked: revocation shall as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after acceptance.

Payment Terms

50% of the total payment has to be paid within 2 weeks after receipt of the confirmation.
Remainder of payment 6 weeks before the event.

Cancellation Terms

The participant can cancel his registration free of charge within 24 hours after the booking is made.
⦁    In case of cancellation by the participant till six weeks before the event (42 days) the administration costs of 50.00 euro will be charged. 
⦁    In case of cancellation by the participant between four and six weeks before the event (42 to 28 days) 30% of the total payment will be charged. 
⦁    In case of cancellation by the participant within four weeks (28 days) before the event 50% of the total payment will be charged. 
⦁    The last two weeks (14 days) before the event cancellation is not possible anymore. The participant is responsible for the total (outstanding) payment. Unless the participant has chosen to make a Flexible booking.
The participation fee can be reimbursed by means of the participants personal cancellation insurance if the conditions for this are met.

Flexible booking
In the case of a Flexible booking it is possible to choose a replacement event for the cancelled event within the last 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the booked event. (if there are still places available). For the conditions of this flexible booking please refer to the Tab sheet "Flexible booking" next to this tab above.

Replacement rider
When a participant is not able to attend the event due to personal circumstances, it is possible to sign up a replacement rider free of charge. This replacement rider has to be signed up at least five days before the event, in writing or by email at info@racing-school-europe.com.